unlikely bed fellows

http://adamsisco.com/?mikity=rencontres-seine-et-marne&9a1=78 This thin space between my window/screen and the exterior shutter is prime real estate and this morning I checked for how many bats might be sleeping in the various windows and in one I found, not 4” away from each other, a lizard and a bat…if they can get along, surely we humans can get along with each other and with the other creatures of the planet?

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http://www.laderaranchdentistry.com/bistrota/6821 Then a sampling of more of the spring beauty…taking hundreds of photos right now and these are just a ‘few’, so hard to choose, so ‘many’ instead…

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2 thoughts on “unlikely bed fellows”

  1. you could try here Amazing photos–luscious flowers, nice bat & lizard. Spring is so fecund there in the magical Tucson desert. I’m missing it as I’m in rainy, dreary central / south Texas. Hoping the bluebonnets & other spring flowers will be as spectacular as what you’ve captured in Tucson.

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