…pass, like the crest of a wave, so it is important to focus on really being present and taking it in deeply…everyday a new variety appears and early ones begin to fade. Most mornings I am drunk on flowers right now! Be here with ‘them’, not in my head in some conversation or imagining…no need to imagine, great beauty is right here, right here, I can touch it, I can literally breathe it!flower1 flower3 flower5 flower6 flower7 flower8 flower10 flower11 flower12 flower13 flower14 flower16 flower17 flower18 flower19 flower20 flower21 flower22 flower23 flower24 flower25 flower26 flower27 flower28 flower29 flower30

One thought on “peAks”

  1. ahhh, kissing your feet, Gale, for sending this gorgeous array. Flowers are the sex organs of plants, so we’re witnessing the great sexual awakening of these marvelous beings. Gratitude.

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