as useful as a Sahuaro

covert hypnosis dating conocer gente gijon his comment is here 5 preguntas para conocer a un chico political singles dating 4èmes rencontres de la recherche clinique des arcs et des tecs rencontre privas 07 houston connect dating site iqoptionsd It has been a rough 6 months, and it is not just me, huh? A friend who is a painter said recently that she finally “had gotten her mojo back”. Well I am still looking/waiting for my mojo, but did get an inspiration on the walk this morning and thought I could get it together to write something short….

We visited this grouping of Sahuaros, an intimate cluster I call the grandmothers or the sisters. Several look as if they will not be standing much longer, one leaning, one with more than half of its roots exposed on the edge of the wash. They are all just loaded with bird houses (you can see all the holes in the sides of their loving arms here) and have probably seen thousands of eggs hatch over their probable hundred years of existence. Not to mention all the sustenance they provide to many desert creatures with their summer fruits, many truckloads over the years, and nectar to the bats from their flowers. And where-oh-where would the birds perch up high to SEE if not for them? And when they fall they will continue for years to provide for a whole other group of living organisms, the bacteria and insects that feast on the remains. Magnificent providers!

May I be as useful as a Sahuaro!

useful 2

useful1the magical sunrise the other day above the clouds in Heaven

useful 3

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  1. What a beautiful post. It is just what I needed to remind me of rhythm, of flow. Thank you Gale! And the pix of the heavens – terrific

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