18 faces of buddha

In the words of the brilliant comedian Bill Hicks:
“…the world is like a ride…you think it’s real – it’s just a ride… and we can change it any time we want…don’t worry, don’t be afraid…it’s only a choice… between fear and love…”

When it gets particularly crazy I watch this enlightening video:

The last 8 weeks have been…like Bill says…

But I was finally emptying my 8 GB camera card (outrageously huge, thousands of pics) because it was full and I couldn’t take any more photos…kinda a metaphor for life right now…I found these from my NYC trip in May and they brought me some peace and I have made a little folder with them on my desktop to look at and BE with when it feels crazy, along with the above video…hope they bring some peace and calm into your life right now too.

The buddhas are from an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum.  Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia, 5th to 8th Century


2 thoughts on “18 faces of buddha”

  1. These pix of enlightened peace are terrific, Gale! Thank you so much for emptying your camera out. xxox – christine

  2. Good to hear from you – I sure am hankering for a girl feast and talk fest – I’m planning to do my floors – maybe I’ll be so happy with my house I’ll throw a party in honor of clean new tiles and old friends too long absent!!! See you then!!

    I hear you had a wedding – Isn’t it interesting to see your kid settling into a relationship! Amy went pretty conventional and it took a lot of years for me to adjust to that!

    See you soon – maybe I’ll come see you when I get rid of this collar and can drive again – Yaaaa —freedom!!!! I love and appreciate my driver but can’t wait to be the controller of my days!!!


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