glory, glory, glory

site de rencontre ado brabant wallon There was NOT a way that we would not see her, coiled but camouflaged in the exact center of the narrow path we take most mornings to the wash. One dog had already stepped over her when my radar blipped…second dog gets shooed off to the side…third waits behind me while I crawl up closer, closer…I am 18” away and she is so calm that I know I could get closer…but here comes fourth dog, fresh off a chase and steps right over her too…she casually flicks her tongue…OK, no closer.

More Info Glory…appreciation:
For her not striking my dogs
For dogs not stepping on her
For letting me get that close
For my camera and getting to examine her great beauty in minute detail now as I prepare the photo for you. glory1

tous les sites de rencontres payants And where have these horn worms been…what an ugly name for such a wondrous creature. They range from pale yellow to psychedelic chartreuse and they turn into the enigmatic sphinx moth that you would swear was a humming bird at first glance. I had seen a few, but today there are gobs of them feeding and fattening up, displaying an unbelievable juiciness; how could a bird resist? Well they feed on host plants with small toxic molecules, which they tolerate, but will rear up, in sphinx pose and spit a slightly toxic green goo from their mouths when threatened.

nsa dating sites chicago Glory…appreciation:
For metamorphosis
For plant medicines
For unimaginable colors.

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best dating apps for gamers I have been on the hunt for morning glory and, in fact, credit it with the ‘real’ launch of this blog during the Big Bloom of 2012, end of August….but OMG, there are so, so many out there with the blessed rains we have had this monsoon! Not a single flower yet, but the fabulous form of the five lobed leaf is worth its weight in gold. In a section of wash that is particularly shady and moist, that I call the garden, we paused and took in the lovely fragrance of mountain marigold and turpentine bush amongst the coiling, spiraling morning glory vines…around the next corner, though, was the utter surprise. The whole side of the wash wall was like an awesome abstract painting…heavenly blue and psychedelic chartreuse in forms and shapes that only the earth could dream! Vines with blue blooms caressing the sticky host plant of the pre sphinx moths…there is not a way I can photograph it and convey even a single percent of its beauty!

partnersuche everswinkel Glory…appreciation:
For Earth and ALL her creations
For inspiring me to sublime appreciation
For the glory of mornings in the washes
For the comfort of cycles and the endless variation within them.

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