After three quenching rains in a week, this morning was a relief. There is nothing quite as delicious as a very light rain on your warm skin, and its effect is exaggerated by the contrast to the sizzling, scorching sun that drives us to rise and walk before the relentless rays hit.

Life comes out from underground:

-the rattler, out to gorge, politely warns us of its presences at the side of the path.

quench b1

-the brilliant, velvet mites create an odd scene of tiny, fuzzy red dots moving quickly over the earth in great numbers. If you don’t ‘zoom in’ you would miss this display.

quench b3

-the resurrection plant, that seems to grow overnight, true to its name, nestles up around a prickly cactus providing another demonstration of contrast in the desert.

quench b4

-the rain worm, millipede, startled by all the footfall, curls into a marvelous spiral.

quench b2


One thought on “quench”

  1. This is so heavenly. The worm and mite. I like your updated banner, the shadow of a cross, surreal but earthly at the same time

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