…seems acute right now, as if the rains have fertilized the ability to see patterns and I am grateful.

Old and new…There is a gnarly mesquite in the wash that I have admired for years, but this morning I actually noticed how large the diameter on the trunk is. It is so twisted and partially broken and rotted, that it is not easy to distinguish the entire oval of its massive trunk. I figure it is/was about 2’ diameter. The calculator in the head goes into gear…if you got a tree ring every year of a 1/8” that would mean this tree is 100 years old! Damn…and just up the wash, after the luxuriant rains, a baby palo verde just beginning its life.

you can get the scale with the cell phone
you can get the scale with the cell phone


Cactus leaves?…I would call these structures on the cholla cactus a leaf, a juicy plump green protuberance in a gorgeous fractal pattern on the new tips. No…cactus don’t have leaves…I think they do for a short time…I’m watching and they start all tight and clustered at the tip, then these teeny needles start poking out from the base of the ‘leaf’ then the branch reaches outward and stretches. Now the ‘leaves’ are thinning and begin to get shorter as they fuel the expansion of cactus. They will disappear soon, and I’ll watch them shrink and see how long they feed the growth process for the new cholla parts…




How could I have missed this the first pass? A huge black shiny beetle (2”) has munched away at big chucks of this prickly pear pad. He is very busy eating and lets me get a half inch away to capture the process.


Where is that mocking bird today, that serenaded all of us with a phenomenal variety of tunes for a solid, and I mean zero pauses, 16 hours yesterday from a perch on the wind generator, high above the ground…? Missing him….hoping you will be in noticing more today…

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  1. Hi Gale. In Vegas visiting Tyson. Glad I looked at Ipad. I had not seen a post since May, but see on this device there have been some! I prefer the narly mesquite over modern technology. Beautiful pics. I love the baby palo verde. I wonder how many I’ve grown from scratch over the years!

  2. How I have missed your blog for a few mos now. The photos are clearer and clean. They are just beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to slow us down to watch more careful and BE in our environment which is within each of us.

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