Thought provoking… because the details are missing and your mind wants to fill in the blanks.

Calming effect for me… the scenario is reduced to the basics.

Reveals the beauty of the form…

hummingbird awaiting the day

feather bush, but do you see the bee that is already busy?

palo verde in bloom, but the brilliant yellow keeps you from noticing the lovely shapes

the needles on the cactus are diffracting the early, low angle light.
 Don’t know that i have ever seen this before…

Comment on grocery lines

Your blog is such a beautiful way to celebrate Earth Day!! And of course I love the Cross in the Desert. Maybe one of us knows someone who can put together the blog for you . . . hmmm , I don ‘t. Thanks for the check-in line story – it’s always reaffirming to hear things like that. It’s the Cross in its resurrection

grocery lines

I swear…there is something magical about grocery lines…it is where I seem to get my best insight into the nature of humanity, mine included…

I picked up a few things at the grocery store yesterday afternoon and this simple scene is still reverberating.  The check-out clerk made a little mistake in scanning and started to scold and belittle herself.  Out of my mouth escaped…”please don’t’ do that.  I do that too…I make a little mistake then I make it worse by scolding myself…” her eyes got wide, then she started to explain the stupid thing she had done…more escapes…”we all make mistakes, but it really is OK…”  The woman behind me is taking this all in…then the clerk gives me a free reusable bag because they are celebrating earth day!

You never know where you will find the tender part of humanity…in a grocery line maybe…

The bad news yesterday is that my f… blog service is being TERMINATED in a month!  I have to somehow make a huge switcheroo and I am so not good at this stuff….instead of writing blogs and playing with photos…I’ll have my head spinning trying to recover hundreds of entries, thousands of pictures…I am sure it will be the best thing that happened in the end because I have wanted to expand the capacity for US to have more discussion/comments and that was very limited on this ‘old’ system.  I think you wonderful subscribers may probably have to re-subscribe…I’ll e mail if I have to…so bear with me in this transition.  There are so many corners for all of us to turn right now and the new blog dealeo is just another…

I caught the shadow of this great Sahuaro on the wall of the wash the other day at just exactly the right time…I have been watching more closely now that I noticed and it is only there for about 5 minutes a day and, I suspect, during certain seasons, not there at all.  What great luck to be there and to NOTICE it!!  Yeah! Hmmm…to be at everyday scenarios and to NOTICE what is really going on at a tender human level…wishing us all more of that medicine!

Comment on reemergence

yes, love and fear intermingle and it seems where humans are, there is more fear. I don’t think that is natural to humans, but it sells ‘stuff’, so…and out in nature, it seems love is more dominant…gradients of love and fear as we move through life. thanks Susan!

Comment on reemergence

yes, love and fear intermingle and it seems where humans are, there is more fear. I don’t think that is natural to humans, but it sells ‘stuff’, so…and out in nature, it seems love is more dominant…gradients of love and fear as we move through life. thanks Susan!

source of our water?

I turn the faucet on at the far end of the yard to fill the watering bowl for the critters, wild and domesticated…I flash on an image of beautiful long women, caring huge jars of water on their heads, walking from the source to the village.  Here I am in the desert and any time of day from many locations all around my home and yard I just turn a knob and there it is…fresh, clean water…

We, or mostly my husband, hauls water to our house a couple times a week, 1000 gallons at a time.  Our well is dry.  We have the capacity to harvest rain water, about 1500 gallons for every inch of rain, but have been in a drought for 18-19 years now…occasionally a pump goes out or some plumbing fouls up and we don’t have water…last summer was challenging.  So we are more aware of and grateful than most Americans who probably don’t have any idea of the source of their water or how it gets to them. 

When we camp we get an even better sense of how it is for much of humanity.  43% do not have pipes bringing water to their home or compound and 11% still do not have access to safe drinking water.

Where does your water come from?

This water in Tucson comes from one of two places now days.  There are huge aquifers underground.  Quenching rains fall on the ground and ever so slowly seeps through the earth to settle in cool pockets and fractures.  Though that process continues, we USE more than is replenished and it is not sustainable.  The other source is even more beautiful.  Rain and snow fall in the Rocky Mountains, hundreds and hundreds of miles away and slowly flow through some of the most spectacular scenery on earth, Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon!  What awesomeness it must absorb!  The entire southwest wages heavy legal and political battles my blog browse this site learn the facts here now rencontre parents cpe 9 ans de rencontre site rencontres gers bekanntschaften afrika sitio para conocer personas de todo el mundo to get their share of Colorado River Water. 

This WILL all change in the coming generations.

So today, at least, I will be aware of the many water gifts all around me, think about the source and be grateful.  I invite you to join me.

A few critters that enjoy our water bowls: