for one and for all

nigerian culture dating The last few weeks we’ve had a lame dog and so our twice daily walks have been cut to a quarter the ‘normal’ length.  It is really, really getting to me…I miss WALKING out there, though I’ve been getting some of my fix sitting outside more.

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check At first the other three dogs seemed antsy and there was more wrestling than usual-but they have all calmed down and seem to stick together in our pack closer than ever, one dog on a leash, others no one more than 10’ away.

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What happens to one, happens to all…


Does this happen in our human communities? Or have I/we become so isolated and individually focused that my/our response to a lame/challenged community member goes relatively unnoticed?


And who is my/our community?  Family?  “Inner circle”? Does it include that homeless guy in front of Safeway that touched my heart string?


Lots of questions and I guess I’ll have months to BE with this and explore it as the recovery from surgery will take the entire summer and mean even bigger restrictions for the WHOLE pack-including me…leashed!


Ah yes…including me…my pack.


Skies have been blowing me away…a collection from this last week…

full moon rise and reflections

interesting contrails

moon setting and that is Mars between the sahuaro arms

equinox sunrise with street lights pointing to exact east

golden this morning, ocotillo reflection

pinned down

There is a cardboard box covered by a dark towel on my south
window sill.  I brew my fermented tea in
there.  It likes the dark warmth.  When I checked the brew, I noticed what I thought
was a huge spider and grabbed the camera. 
I don’t know how she caught this bee, it is three times bigger than her
and there are no webs…a mystery.  Both
are motionless.  The feeling of ‘pinned
down’ is palpable, and by such a small thing. 
I’ve been there…


And yet there is beauty there too…


I’ll keep checking to see what happens, curious.


I don’t usually write about this kind of thing, but it seems important…It has been a long time since I went to church.  Basically, I go once a year when my mother has a mass said for my father on the anniversary of his death.   It is always a very emotional and spiritual experience for me because of all the meaning that goes with the event commemoration.  Yesterday I decided, for some unknown reason, to go to the Ash Wednesday mass, partly because I had got it in my head that I should go on my cleanse diet during lent, there is plenty that I ‘give up’ on that diet in the Lenten tradition.


I felt like the priest punched me in the stomach when he said, ‘why not give up WORRYING for lent?  That way it is something that is good for you and good for all the other people around you too, and while you are at it, why not give up SELF LOATHING too then you will be nice to yourself and everyone and thing around you?’




This pillar of light this morning’s sunrise says yes too.

Comment on Lent

Thank you, Gale. It will be interesting to see what happens to the things I worry about if I don’t worry about them. No doubt they will go their merry way, that is, the same way they would have gone had I worried. Susan

Comment on Lent

Another amazing photo Gale! I appreciate that you are up early to capture this beauty and that you share with us sleepyheads. Also, give up worrying & self-loathing! What a gift that would be to this planet’s well-being.

its all little

Was it just us or was there something messing with the phones, internet, and TV?  Then I saw this picture on APOD (astronomy picture of the day) and thought we might have been getting a coronal mass ejection (CME) from this big flare on the sun the other day. 

But what i really love about this picture is how it makes all the stuff that is irritating and bothersome right now seem very small.  The entire earth is smaller than this solar flare.

Here is the link for more information:

I love this fuzz on this flower, but what i wish i could could send you is its smell!   Deep fresh marigold lusciousness…may we notice lovely insignificances along with the significant.

The contrast of the brittle bush bloom in the foreground and the teddy bear cholla in the background surprised me…may we notice all the layers and how they effect us.

The light was so dim at this oh-so-soft-sunset that you can barely see the yellow blooms in the foreground…may we see even when the light fades.

Thanks to the Sun for all of this and this lesson too.

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Beautiful photos. I appreciate, appreciate, appreciate those beautiful canyon sites, and the layers. Tucson had the warmest winter on record and Oakville the coldest in 25 years. Oh, how I appreciate! But there’s beauty here, too, I just have to thaw out a bit to appreciate it. :)

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Well it’s finally time for a long-overdue comment from me. (Hope the captcha thing above works, cuz it often DOESN’T for me and then I get annoyed and give up after a couple of tries!)I tend to save up these blogs Gale, because as you know, I currently am spending a heckuva lot of time at the computer and don’t want your blog to be just something I skim over. So, I occasionally, on a day when I have NO sessions online, go through emails that need to be deleted and one by one the last five or six of your blogs get up in a bunch on my screen and I can take my time and savor them. Oh. My. Goddess. You have SUCH an amazing eye! Your contemplations are equally magnificent…I feel like I am in a state of deep meditation right now, after wolfing down the last 5 blogs…You MUST turn these into a book! You know this of course, but really…you MUST! And SOON! And a calendar! And greeting cards! Posters! This is your WORK! SAY that you blog, and say it proudly! Even if you skip a week or two. You BLOG, and not like anyone else I know! Thanks so much for bringing such beauty into the world my friend. You are a blessing in all of our lives…. Sending you much love from Misty Isle…

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Love the cracks. Beauty abounds, even the plumber’s butt cracks. Noticing what nature does in cracks brings me such beauty and joy. A life worth living. Thanks again Gale for your unique insight. This could be a table book–Cracks!