wild harvester

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my blog That killer question…”what do you do”?  Nothing can bring out that voice in my brain,
you know the one, the critic, like that question.  In recent years I have answered, “dog walking”.  “Oh yeah, people will pay money to have their
dogs walked”, “no, just my dogs”, silence. 
Some seasons I am able to answer, “I am a blogger”, but that has not
been so for many months and the critic lets me know regularly.


flirten frankfurt main This morning I was wondering if I would see something that
would inspire a blog post today. I was blessed with the Divine Mother voice
instead.  “Why don’t you just trust me,
that when you are supposed to be inspired and write, you will, nothing more,
nothing less”.  I was noticing the
ocotillo next to me had some early blooms at the same time and pulled the
camera up and just as I was about to make a photo, a hummingbird came to drink
her nectar. 

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click reference Hummingbirds symbolize joy and can help in seeing the unity
in the contradictions of duality.  The
song of the hummer, you have heard that abandoned joyful buzz I hope, awakens
flowers, opens hearts to taste the bliss of life, and help us to drop judgments
and expectations.  They know instinctively
where beauty dwells.  The other day I had
the pleasure of watching the delight of a guest who saw a hummingbird for the
first time in her life, having lived in northern climates her entire life.  This is powerful medicine.

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http://socialocho.com/maria/1813 So my answer today is “I harvest the wild, the beauty from
the natural world, to be inspired and inspire, especially those who are not as fortunate
as I, surrounded by mass quantities of wild beauty.”

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‘just’ a beautiful lichen


They are here…flowers and bugs…though the numbers are low because we have had so very little rain.  The advantage is that you really have to look/see, have a peripheral radar for color…scanning as you go.  Practices me in finding the beauty in everything.


And as I just now write that, I am seeing something in this spider web above my computer that I have not noticed before.  What the heck…it is like extra embellishment in the shape of spiral…beauty and function, probably stickier for wayward insects to be caught.


The beauty is there, and I am in training to notice it more and more.

treasure nest

I found this perfect nest, most likely from a cactus wren,
under a teddy bear cholla.  These are the
cholla with the jillions of silvery spines that splinter below the skin if you
are unfortunate enough to have a close encounter.  Having done architectural design and leaned
toward sustainable design, I find nests to be particularly fascinating.

The layers and layers of intricate weaving of plant
materials provide a very light structure that is also super insulated and is
made of stuff right from the neighborhood. 
There is a lovely lip in the entry, reminiscent of a flower petal shape,
that welcomes the birds home.  The cholla
acts as a kind of moat, protecting the birds and keeping many would be
predators out.  If we all had a place
like this, a true nest, we could BE in this challenging world in a more whole
way.  I have talked about BELONGING
before and I believe the concept of NEST to be an important part of belonging.

But I wish you could touch this!  The exterior feels sturdy and dry and the
inside is so very soft and cozy and is clearly in the same fractal pattern as WOMB.  To rest in there and feel secure…ahhhh.  I am wishing you a place that is a treasure
nest for you.  Perhaps you only need to tenderly tend
something you already have in order to make it so, like the mother cactus wren,
anticipating babies and preparing the way for them.

first snake


The first snake of the year announced the end of winter, appearing as if she has already fed and was basking in the sun.

The sun seemed to be caught in the web, but is it really just me/us that are caught up?

The sunrise foretold the color of the first of the globe mallows already blooming like mad.

The pre-petal brittle bush bloom was as plain as the fully bloomed jojoba flower.

and may the fairy burst out soon and dust our days with pink perfection.