mysterious shit

rencontres brel en chartreuse

discover this About a month ago I found an odd situation in one of the
washes.  There was a bunch of fur and a
few bones, one I could identify as a deer jaw, on the bottom of the wash; looked
like a lion kill.  But just above on a
steep side was a pile of what looked and smelled to a big pile of horse
shit.  How could a horse have gotten and
stood up there?  Must be some other
animal, but not one that I know of.  My
neighbor found it a few days later and we had quite a nice long discussion
about the various kinds of animals and their shit up here…but it remained a


This morning as we were about to cross a wash and head up
the hill, even I could smell something up it. 
Dogs were going that way whether I wanted to or not.  Smelled like horse shit.  Another pile of fur, some bones and hooves of
a javalina, and more of that shit mixed in with…looked like organs.  It was a pile of intestines with shit leaking
out and it looked like horse shit too.  I
guess when still in the intestine, the waste of plant eaters is quite wet and
smelly and has no shape yet. 


Just up the steep side above were additional remains, all
quite fresh, not yet smelling like decay…hmmm…if there is more of a haunch
stashed uphill, I don’t want to appear to a lion that I am going to steal it. Quick
pics and back down the wash.  Will go
back in a few days and examine more closely. 
Lucky for you my camera ran out of battery, or you would have lots more
blood and guts, and I suspect you are not quite as enthusiastic about this as I
am, poking through the remains in utter fascination.


So it was pre-evacuated deer poop.


radiation is light

We’ve been lost in a thick grey atmosphere here, despite perfect weather and sunshine.  Feeling stuck…until this morning…when the light of a SUPER NOVA appeared as a beacon to lead me ‘out’.  Just two nights ago some ‘amateur’ astronomers were the first to see the light of this super nova that exploded 12 million years ago, and its light/radiation is just NOW reaching our eyes here on earth!   12 million tears(I had meant to type ‘years’, but I think ‘tears’ is more appropriate)!


One of the sources of fog has been too much reading about the impending radiation disaster at FUkushima, the after effects that could reach to a quarter million years here on earth.  Another big number, another close encounter with radiation.


But…radiation IS the basic fabric of this universe and only a narrow band width is SAFE for us organic beings to exist in on this infinitesimal speck of a life raft, planet EARTH.  Only our fragile atmosphere protects us, filtering in the life giving radiation and go to these guys out the life ending radiation.  And that is anther ecological disaster that puts me in the grey…I did my master research on atmospheric chemistry, having gone to elementary school across the street from a steel mill, pre EPA…it is a theme of my life.


So, if you can, enjoy this couple of week opportunity to see a spectacular piece of radiation, before it blows itself to smithereens…like some intelligent species seems to be doing…in the Cigar Galaxy near the Big Dipper


Here is a link to the story and the picture that was my beacon; the arrow point to the super nova:


and a lovely grey picture of the patterns that death leaves behind…is it only me or did a bunch of friends and acquaintances pass beyond from cancer(radiation?) this past year?


Just for the heck of astounding scales today, visible light is only this very tiny portion of the known band width of radiation frequencies:



and a nice diagram of how well our atmosphere protects us:

here or there?

This teeny tiny lupine seems to whisper to me this morning.  It is just 3 weeks past solstice and here it
is announcing that spring is on the way and it will likely show me some
delicious purple blossoms in another 3 weeks.


So am I here or am I there 3 weeks from now?


Lately I have had a lot of ‘work’ to do, helping my husband
with a big construction project.  I have
had little inspiration to write and it seems it is because I am not doing very
well at SEEING or being ’here’ and not ‘there’. 
Out ‘there’ where the job is done, the project is completed, the
(hahaha) payoff comes in…and I realize this morning that I spent a good 99% of
my adult working life out ‘there’ and hardly ever ‘here’.  Partly the nature of a planning and management
job, part cultural programming to ‘make things happen’, and, I now believe, a
big chunk of corporate programming to make lots of good little worker bees…


Yesterday I was sealing some outrageously beautiful slate
and for a time I was totally ‘here’ with that natural beauty, blown away by
each tiles uniqueness.  I almost wanted
to give each one a name.  But then the
stink of the sealer started to get to me and I went to ‘there’ and was just
trying to get it done.


Food for thought…now I have to go to ‘work’.  I wonder how much time I will spend here and
not there?

yes i am a wimp…it is 46 degrees and i have gloves on…