lines One of the things I love about, and attempt to continually notice, in this Sonoran Desert is the lines:

site de rencontre android the thick, straight up of the Sahuaros, themselves a series of upright ribs and rows of spines,

site de rencontre pour espagnol the ocotillo and their dancing splay of spiky, crooked, radiations from the root, the horizon that is never flat, following the jagged peaks and the softly sloping valleys of the mountains.

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I find myself stopped mid step by the lines, somewhat parallel, of this flat rock.  But it is not layers in the rock, it is the shadow of the clump of grass between the rock and the morning sun.


And though the color did not catch my eye, the lines in this morning’s sunrise sent me running for the camera, quick, before the brilliance of the edge of clouds criss-cross with ocotillo was blasted away by full on sun.


Grateful to notice these things amongst the uncharacteristic busyness, focus, and speed of December when just about every family member has a birthday that mounts on top of the equinox/Christmas/new year’s celebrations and duties…i pause for lines.

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