http://escuelametafora.com/?erydut=pillados-sexo-en-la-calle&b44=58 I wonder if all the flour and sugar from all the birthday cakes and food frenzy since Thanksgiving is at the core of my feeling of lack of will, being almost paralyzed to do anything but what absolutely has to be done…I make my usual, life long, to do lists and peak at them all day long and snarl, and never do anything.  Walking this morning, which often brings some clarity, I concluded that it is time to STOP doing ‘to do lists’ entirely!  It sniffs like a freedom that I can’t even imagine or recognize?  Will I  actually be able to do this?  Well…maybe I can make a list when I do my once/twice a week venture into town to run errands, so I don’t forget anything…?


contactos mujeres en madrid Near the house starting our walk, I looked up into the hills to scan the lines.  A golden object caught my eye.  It was probably about a mile away, on a steep slope.  I was going that general way anyway… it got closer , half way, and I photographed it thinking I would never have the ambition to hike that far and I could just blow up the picture on the computer and see what it was. 

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combivent corticosteroid The low slant of the just risen sun, was zeroing in on the golden object, and I noticed the cholla in the path were also glittering in that angle.  I usually move quickly through this cholla field because the ground all around is littered with the seed pieces, hoping to take root and become full fledged upright cholla someday.  The dogs can pick up the pieces in their paws and on their legs and may even try to get one off by mouthing it and we have a messy, painful situation.  Hmm…I seem to have a business situation that feels like that going on right now…I carry a comb as a tool for removing them.  Could that golden object be a particularly heavily stickered cholla in just the right place?


But the http://www.lavozdeldesierto.com.ar/tymochka/7014 http://thenovello.com/alfondie/elkos/3300 contrast continues to draw me to it as I allow my curiosity to lead us on…it is like a giant breadcrumb, or cake crumb, on the hillside, calling to me.  There is no plan and it was not on my ‘to do list’.  I like this process for living my life much more than plan/list/execute…that does not work for me anymore.

the golden crumb is smack dap in the middle of this pic

Did I make it to the golden cake crumb?  I got just across the wash from it, close enough to discern what it was and get a photo to document the process.


It was the remains of a desert spoon, a yucca that grows higher up in the hills here.  The top/head had fallen off and the core of it was shining in the sun…hmmm…hope my head falls off and my core shines in the sun too.

it looks like a headless person dressed in festive native garb…

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