snake spine

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important source A sniffing dog alerts me to a seldom seen snake skeleton.  It blends in so well, I would have missed it.  About 4 feet long and of significant girth, I can’t find the head…hmmm…I imagine its story:  it was a rattler that got too close to a house and its head got chopped off.  Humans fear its head, so almost automatically, cut it off.  Attack what we fear; offers an explanation for a lot of human behavior.  Maybe one of those vultures I saw fanning its wings the other day, picked it up then dropped it from the tree above.  

find out here I see great beauty in this creatures remains; it is… ALL…long sinuous spine.  It is the vertebrate that takes the innovation of spinal column to a maximum expression, and this spine that is our common heritage, how we are related.  I adore my spine and love to be quiet and take plenty of time to move it slowly in every possible way I can imagine.  I learned this in an over a decade practice called Continuum Movement ( ) that I credit with saving my life, taking me out of my head and discovering I had an animal body.  

click to investigate Would humans love snakes if they were headless?  Would humans love themselves if they were headless?

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