preguntas para conocer mejor a un hombre impractical imaginings

rencontre dans ma ville gueugnon     leading to quantum leaps

site de rencontres pour mariage that may take decades/centuries

this hyperlink      to come into being/expression in the consensus


drop duality

       and explore wholeness

beyond thinking/analyzing/solving

     beyond intuition/feeling/dissolving

eggs crack


the likes of da vinci and einstein

       are the way finders

strangers in a strange land

       floating beyond form

bringing back the harvest


sun rays streak through

       the cracks in the clouds

the wholly spirit

       enlightens in rays

and inspires cosmic perspectives


exploring cracks

       at the edges of day/night.

to touch the void is possible then.

       adam eats apple.

is imagining the downfall or grace of humanity?


I love this word;
it tickles my tongue and takes me back to childhood summers in the swamps off
southern Lake Erie.  “We’re going too
Deep Waters Mom!”and Deep Waters was not very deep, no more than child knee high.  Selecting an especially large pollywog, my brother
would bring it home and we’d watch it change over the weeks in a big basin in
the back yard.  I love this thing;
pollywog.  It was my first experience with
transformation/ metamorphosis and through the perspective of youth.


The timing is
perfect to take fresh eyes to the water tank near my desert home.  The red spotted toads are all in the “In-Betweens”,
just like many of us seem to be right now. 
Here are a few of the wonders, all 3/8 inches of them…pollywog, pollywog, pollywog, pollywog…hug
my exuberant child escaping.

sorry for the poor photo quality…between the murky light, reflection off water, focusing below the surface of the water,wiggling,wiggling wogs….these are the best of about 120 shots…

snake spine

A sniffing dog alerts me to a seldom seen snake skeleton.  It blends in so well, I would have missed it.  About 4 feet long and of significant girth, I can’t find the head…hmmm…I imagine its story:  it was a rattler that got too close to a house and its head got chopped off.  Humans fear its head, so almost automatically, cut it off.  Attack what we fear; offers an explanation for a lot of human behavior.  Maybe one of those vultures I saw fanning its wings the other day, picked it up then dropped it from the tree above.


I see great beauty in this creatures remains; it is… ALL…long sinuous spine.  It is the vertebrate that takes the innovation of spinal column to a maximum expression, and this spine that is our common heritage, how we are related.  I adore my spine and love to be quiet and take plenty of time to move it slowly in every possible way I can imagine.  I learned this in an over a decade practice called Continuum Movement ( ) that I credit with saving my life, taking me out of my head and discovering I had an animal body.


Would humans love snakes if they were headless?  Would humans love themselves if they were headless?

web connections

This time of year, if I get out early, and beat the sun & gnats, I can have the morning walk in a little t shirt.  What I love about this is I get a palpable sense of the presence of spider.  As I walk through the washes I feel, on my arms and torso, the feathery, barely perceptible web fibers that have been brilliantly placed crosswise to the air flow up/down the wash to maximize bug catch. I find myself apologizing for undoing their hard work, yet appreciating the subtlety and connection.


There is a beautiful spider that has made a significant funnel web (yes, called funnel web spider) in the old coffee can that holds, poetically, all of my rulers and scales, right behind my computer.  I often see her peaking out, but when I move to grab the camera she scoots away so quickly I wonder if I really saw here.  Yesterday, I was sad to find her motionless on her back.  But…as I examined her beauty closer than I normally can, I saw that her backside was popped open and the new fresh version of her must have crawled away and she was probably hiding her tender new hide deep in the web.  This seemed a good metaphor for myself and the significant changes in my body lately, and beautifully, of friend Jan having left here body behind recently.


Mythological, spiders created the alphabet and are a symbol of writing, so I take her presence and lessons as a good omen for writing to you from here.  Additionally, spiders are symbols of a lot of cool stuff:  creation- since they themselves create an organic miracle, patience-they wait for prey to come to them, integration into wholeness and Indras net, and the goddess Maya who weaves the great illusion.

Here is a wonderful website that I love for its passion for spiders:

you can just see her back popped open

you are looking OUT through the distinctive eyes of this spider!!
4 above
4 below

another Indras-net-like web

depending on your perspective: