dancing sunlight


site de rencontre angleterre forum Curling up in the sun
after reading an article about ‘Sense of Place’ I get the distinct feeling that
I am in my grandmother’s house.  I soak
up the comfort and sense of belonging, something we get when we sense a
familiar place.  I have it…it is the
gentle & hypnotic flickering and dancing of the sun light.  It is through the aspen leaves here in the
mountains, it was through the giant oaks and buckeyes in her house.  It is the similar light quality that has me experience
the two places as ‘same’. A lovely time travel…appreciating the freedom to slow
down and notice this and then discover the connection.

image source

cocoon on denim

sunflower and sparkling light

didn’t even see all the green bugs until I looked at this on screen…

I said, don’t get any closer, I have hatchlings in here.

lovely spiral

sipping nectar

check out that eye!

competition…a forth had taken flight before I snapped this

Tinka doing the sensible thing, cooling off

chasing clarity

Spider webs glistening in the sun,

vibrating linear jewels of visual music,

that must be over 30 feet away.

How can I possibly http://www.topcanon.fr/figase/opie/3752 see that teeny fiber?


Flowing water glistening in the sun,

making itself known

adding thundering and tinkling

and auditory music.

How can I Get More Information be more like you?


Miniscule bug glistening in the sun,

crawling down the finger that

is writing on this page.

You are so transparent and tiny,

can’t see your features [    ]

and only see you because you move.

Do you experience the symphony too?


These three have clarity in common

and we, me too, have earth as

our common ancestor.

Will some of that clarity rub off on me?

the last image shows ‘my’ two bald eagles perched in the same tree…oh joy!!

no vacancy

The iris fields in the meadows are spectacular right now, they go on and on.  The colors and the shapes are to die for. It turns out to be a very popular spot for insects too.  I got these shots in just 10-15 minutes.  Only the last appears to be vacant, but it my have a teeny red mite on the tip of the swirl.

Got back ‘down’ into the heat and just have to say that I a sublimely appreciating toilets and showers!

Comment on no vacancy

Hi Gale! It seems to me that the bee in pic. 3 is actually winking at the camera, as is the grasshopper in the second to the last one…Are you getting into some kind of insect whispering…? I love your pictures so much, and the text that accompanies them, of course. This is my first public “appearance” since getting to the island (which shall henceforth be referred to as “Misty Isle”). I can’t wait to go on a walk with you and your camera in these woods…Sending you so much love and appreciation today for your beautiful presence in my life and the world…XOX


I felt the shadow

of the big bird

pass over me.

I looked to see

its shape and feather.


I felt the pressure

of the wind

blowing over me.

I looked to see

but its not there.


I felt the warmth

of the dog

snuggling against me.

I looked to see

its loving eyes seeing me.


I felt the queer sensation

of no self

come to consciousness.

I looked to see

But I have no head.


I lost my leash at the river.

I laid it on the grassy bank

and bent over to feel the refresh

splashing crispy water over

my face, neck, and chest.

I was absorbed by the feeling of cool

contrasting the hot & dusty.

The sensations were delicious.


Then the soothing sound of

abandoned flow and utter trust

mixed with the osprey parents

protesting our presence so

close to their nest.

Their place of comfort

where generations hence

are nurtured into

life on earth.


In mutual surprise,

eye to eye with a pair of elk.

They bolt in a frantic

zig zag path.

I’d run from a(nother) human

right now too.


Later that day

back at camp/nest

I realized my leash was missing

and I did not want to

ever go back

and get it.