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lieu de drague oise So different ‘down’ here in the dessert. And there are things I’m noticing that I had never put any significance on.  I can see how the brown and crispy helps the plants fracture and efficiently disperse their seeds.   During the two weeks I was up in cool, lush, green, the sahuaros were busy flowering and processing fruit.  The top 3-5’ of many of them is emaciated.  They have put much of their reserves into potential progeny.  Now all the desert plants will have to sit quietly in the significant sun shine and wait until monsoon to replenish and renew. 

me and my ex dating again

traduccion conocer gente Meanwhile the reptiles and insects are in their glory.  There is a particularly large lizard that lives on the guest house and I got a great view of his big blue belly as he climbed the screen.  I’m guessing that he uses that awesome color to attract females, because I don’t remember it being this vivid other times of year.   And the ant hunt is on; I’m backtracking the columns of ants to find their source and stop them from getting into my kitchen.  The joys of summer are here and the heat is on.

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I have loved the pics you have sent because I feel I am experiencing Spring with you up there in the mountains. The water scene just takes my breathe away. I just want to lay down in it and feel the coolness wash over my body. Thank you for sharing this with me!

tea with me

and all of its glorious accoutrements are a necessity for me.  Tea is ritualized, celebrated, and even made sacred
all over the world, so it is a huge energetic field of peace, comfort, relax to
tap into whenever you feel the need or desire. I have a circle of friends that
I sometimes refer to as the ‘Tea Ladies’ that I will celebrate tea with this
Saturday.  For now, I sit here alone (not
really, Tea Ladies and other tea celebrators around the globe are here in
spirit) sipping, writing and it is like grandmothers lap.


many years of thrift store scrounging, I have equipped my camper with and
outstanding and outlandish (for a camper) silver (plate) tea set. I also
brought my treasured tea cozy, made for me by one of my Tea Ladies, because it
is cold here in dark and surrounding hours. 
It is as colorful, unique, and lovely as she is.  I have made cozies for others and I am making
one now. One of the Tea Ladies is moving (the cozy is for her), so this week’s
tea will be tinged with sadness. But it will also be like a multi hour hug!


gratitude to all the loving tea circles everywhere!


cones falling.









big birds

This is certainly a PLACE that attracts, oozes, and nourishes big birds. In addition to the osprey, turkey, heron, and geese I previously mentioned, I had two close encounters over the last several days.


On the day of our arrival here as we walked the woods behind the camp, a large bird was flapping its wings, screeching, and dancing around on the ground.  We thought it was hurt and so took the dogs off in the other direction.  Day after day, in the same area, I encountered the bird, saw that it was able to fly and get into the trees, wondered if it was distracting us from a nest, and went off in the other direction. One time we were close enough that I could see that it had ears, so figured it was an owl. 


Then, I’d say, she started flirting with us, teasing, leading us to different places, and we got closer and closer as pictures got better and better.  Then she posed in full sunlight and allowed me to get within 20 feet.  I was awe struck as we absorbed one another.  She is a Great Horned Owl. I am considering her a good omen as I seek wisdom in this idyllic spot this summer and she symbolizes that. 


Today, as I walked out from under a large tree into a clearing I heard a hugh whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…It reminded me of a time I stood under a large wind generator in a big wind.  As I looked up, half expecting a pterodactyl, I saw a bald eagle and dropped to my knees in joy, but off he went.  Shortly we saw a second alight from further away and I found myself hoping they were a breeding pair. 


We continued our venture and I spotted one of them across the swampy meadow so we meandered slowly along the little stream that must look like a large wave form from the air.  I guess the dogs are in the category of other ‘big mammals’ up here and were noses in dirt, sniffing and digging.  My attention was elsewhere as I snapped pictures every ten feet expecting the bird to take flight any second.  I was brought to my knees again trying to get an acute angel up 60’ while only 20’ from the tree…wishing I had a ‘real’ telephoto lens…I evidently was not a threat to him until I fell over into the mud leaning over too far and made a ruckus…oh joy!

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MUTUAL WONDER! This is such a re-minding post. I got a little ripped-off by someone yesterday
and then this post reminded me what life is really all about. Remembering how incredible this whole thing is we’re inside of. Thanks Gale.

here 2

the clock and calendar fade away.

will I celebrate

give praise for

beauty of the unique

and sunset today?


the bird song & wind in the treetops mingle.

I be able to Hear

instrument and every passage

the day?


the elk glory in the juicy spring grasses.

will they sense my presence

how long will they

back at me

mutual wonder?


the horses run free!

that mare and her colt


are they as curious about us

we are about them?


big birds abound.

essence can I most relate to,

gobbling turkey,

soaring, swooping osprey,

honking, partying, gaggle of geese,

the silent great blue heron?


wild plants compete for my attention.

I eat the seeds

this milk thistle cousin

just admire how its skeleton

the winter?


heaven is very close.

the sky or the forest