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singles bezirk neunkirchen I did some time
travel this morning.  Maybe because I had
the delight of being around some toddlers and babies yesterday, I found myself
in my little red truck driving my son to school (he is 27 now and I get very
little time with him these days).  I was
saying to him, I’ll be glad when you are driving and I don’t have to do this
anymore.  I drove him to school for 13
years.  At the same time I said the
words, I had a strong sense that I would really miss this and would look back
at this morning in the future and take great delight in it.  I told him of this feeling.  We had many important exchanges on our
morning drives despite the fact that I am a morning person and he is not, I
would drag him, sleepy eyed, into profound conversations…hahaha.  

contactos mujeres caceres What I get from this
experience on this morning of resurrections is: 
We give such a gift to ourselves when
we are really present in a moment and we may even be creating a portal to visit
that moment in a different time.  Now, I
am washed over with many such moments of presence…ahhhh…what refreshment.   New commitment to presence…

mon site de rencontre  

dr love rencontre ado I hope some of these desert images
inspire presence:

An Ajo Lily for Easter

check out his eye and his cache…

the shape of this fiber just about makes me want to die

loving the way the light shines through the petals turning them into jewels

I was so busy trying to figure out what the odd shape is in the lower right, that I almost missed the remarkable shadow in the upper left…


plus or minus 2000 years

poised here on this
point in time…thinking of the symbolism of crucifixion and resurrection…what
would I have go? come? big picture…looking back over the last 2000 years when
we have had rather extensive written documentation – albeit somewhat biased
recordings – what have ‘we’ been doing – human doings?  Right now we seem to be consuming, belching,
reproducing (there were only 200 million people on the planet in 1AD) at an unprecedented


Where do we go from
here?  How long COULD we keep this up (for
instance, fossil fuels are only going to last so long, then what?)  Will this time just be an odd blip 2000 years
from now?  A time when humanity made a revolutionary
and evolutionary change?  Will all humans
be equal?  Will the environment be equal
too?  What should I DO?  No answers, only questions?


Cacti seem a good
theme plant right now, but look at how lovely all the new growth is on them…

rock nest

I finally put two
and two together and realized on this morning’s walk (how would I know anything
without my walks?!…) how important big rocky chunky outcrops, cliffs, and boulders
are for me.  It started with Tracy’s
comment a while back on how she is feeling like ‘marshmallow’ now that she has
left this valley and lives on the north shore of a Great Lake where, if it is
anything like where I grew up on the south shore of a Great Lake, pretty flat, covered
with farmland or hardwood forests, virtually no rock exposed, everything
covered with dirt, deep fertile dirt .  I
am blessed with these rocky cliffs rising a thousand feet out my south window,
the ridge just a mile away.  There is a
big feel of security, solidity, and NEST amongst these rocks.  And as masculine as the cliffs are, they are
balanced by, what I call the ‘hugs’ in the washes, big slow deep curves with
caves of all sizes on the sides, huge variety of plants, and feels like a
grandmothers lap.


On my walk the
other day with Christine, another regular commenter, and fellow Tucson Mountain
inhabitant, she found a great rock and was taking it home to put on her
altar.  It was a ‘clinker’, so obviously
volcanic, shallow cup shaped.  She said ‘this
IS Tucson Mountains” and it is.  The
rocks here are special, the geology of this mountain is very unique, and I’ll
talk about that in another post someday. 
But, there is a very potent sense of place here especially reflected in
the rocks and their great variety of form.


some of the bling rocks from the nest

So, speaking of
nests, there were three male pyrruloxia chasing each other and yackity, yackity
yackity early this morning.  One may have
been the one I photographed and posted. 
They were very funny, tearing around the desert; I imagine competing for
mating rights and the opportunity to pass their particular genes on to a new
generation.  I was in appreciation of
male, the built-in competitiveness, the playful drive to mate….what an amazing
world…across species the same expression, fractal, of maleness, the archetype
of masculine.  You go guys!!


In the fall and
winter Pyrrhuloxias forage for seeds in mixed flocks. In late February and
early March, the flocks start to break up and the males become aggressive. They
establish territories and patrol the boundaries, singing at prominent perches
and chasing intruders. Males court females by giving a distinctive call,
approaching her with a wing-fluttering sound, bowing the head, and sometimes
offering a piece of food. Once nests are in progress, females join their mates
to thwart intruders. Pyrrhuloxias remain territorial until the end of the
breeding season, in late summer. Mates may stay together year round, but no one
knows if they continue their relationship from one year to the next.

perfection of ( and preference for) diverse expression

in morning when I am
thinking freshly, and not just revisiting the same old thought loops, I can ‘get’
that the many species expressing in this known universe follow similar patterns,
or as I’ve said in the past, are in fractal families.  It really helps me to discern (and quiet the
judge in the compost pile) to see a pattern in the natural landscape played out
in humanity.

The ocotillo phenomenon
that I am seeing has caught my curiosity. 
Right now we are poised in a time when there is huge diversity of
expression within that species.  Some ocotillos
are barren and grey, seeming to be caught back in winter.  Some just now have tiny, fresh, fresh green
(oh I love that spring green color) leaves emerging, coinciding with the
beginning of spring.  Others are fully
leafed and their carmine flower sprays on every branch are opening fully to all
the hummingbirds buzzing around.  There
might be similar expression in a ‘neighborhood’, but then there is the odd ball
mixed right in there too.

What causes the
diversity and variety? I like to think Mother Nature is simply being very creative (after
all what else is spring?) she is interested in great, full diversity of
expression, and it is all precious.  It is
even more wonderful that we get to see it all simultaneously.  I think I actually have a preference for
great variety, making things much more interesting. 

This metaphor helps me
keep judge in the compost, ‘feel’ the perfection of diverse design,
as well as having a knowing of the logic of it, especially when confronted with
the great diversity in humanity, how we express, how we think and feel, what
are beliefs are…I am often stopped in my tracks by the great polarity around
the globe and even in my little neighborhood. 

I am grateful for
vast diversity,  for the excitement and
creative expression of it.  But also for
the comforting similarity of my own ‘tribe’. 
May we have them in our lives in just the right balance!

ocotillo – barren and bloomed and even diversity amongst the blooms…

there is even great beauty in this ‘beat up’ flower

my tribe

my camera does not have the lens to take good bird pictures, but this guy, a pyrrhuloxia, has been serenading me ( i got lucky and caught him here with his mouth just opening) constantly and he loves to sit on the side view mirror of my car and shit all over it, so I figured he really had to be introduce to the world here…he loves the ocotillo for perching and singing second best to my mirror…

equinox ritual

On this day there is
an opportunity to celebrate BEING in alignment with the earth and sun, the
center of the sun being in exact alignment with the earth’s equator.  Day and night are approximately equal, so metaphorically
there is great balance.  To my thinking,
this should be the start of the year; it is when life sprouts anew after being

Following natures
lead, I will be thinking about what needs to go into the compost pile and what
seeds to plant for the year ahead. 
Instead of being specific, I am thinking about this more archetypally…because
I give up on things unfolding in a certain way. 
  Yesterday, I raked the yard of
all that has fallen from the several rather unusual freezes this past winter.  I am putting my judge in that compost pile
and I realize it is like a big tree trunk and may take many, many years to
decompose and renders its elemental constituents back to the earth. When I find
myself judging, I will think of the compost pile and bring out discernment
instead.  The seeds I am planting (alignment
with nature and fecund growth) are not new, so maybe these are actually struggling
perennials that I need to tend and…well… grow.

I hope you are able
to find some time today to be in alignment with earth and sun and think about
what you would like to throw in the compost and what you would like to plant or

this morning the ocotillo and the line of lights (Prince Rd) point due east,

where the sun rises on equinox

soft fine hairs and prickly spines arise together

all sizes, aphids i think, sucking plant juice, day in and day out…

spine and vine, janusia vine often found embracing sahuaro

a mite tiny thinks he is camouflaged in the poppy

spirals, spines, spider webbing

you almost loose the tiny bug in the lower right, eyes going to the moth and the cluster of flower genitals

finally….been trying to catch a bee for days…

the best for last…i did not even see this precious spider until he appeared on the computer monitor…looks like part of the flower!

tending a deep threshold

I was blissfully
aware of an interesting sensory phenomenon this morning.  We walk the sunny south slopes because the
poppies are thickest there and we watch them gather the color of the sun to
open.  It was already 90 degrees
yesterday…so the slope was hot and the dogs were panting.  We dropped down into the wash for the walk
home.  I was way slowed down and all
senses were alert to notice, in detail , the slow luscious descent into
coolness.  At the bottom it felt like I
was immersed in a cool pool of water and the dogs snuggled their bellies down into
the sandy bottom and surrendered to the cool earth.  The difference from a cool pool is that
this threshold, from sunny slope to cool earthy bottom, is . . . .  l o n g 
  a n d     l u x
u r i o u s  . . . .  e v e r y  
s t e p   j u s t   s l i g h t l y   c o o l e r  
t h a n    t h e    l a s t 
. . . .   I slowed my pace to savor
the minute changes and feel the earth welcoming and hugging me.  With water, the threshold
….is what…less than a millimeter…and you instantly and shockingly
go from hot to cool.



I’ve been feeling
like these changes happening all around and in me are too slow to bear.  But the tenderness of this deep, long
threshold gives me a new way to experience this time and tend the thresholds.