Tidal forces tear fear apart

In total coherency with my last post, I found this on APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day).  The relentless tidal forces of Mars will someday shatter its moon Phobos.  It orbits ‘too close’, only about 5800 kilometers above the surface while our moon is about 400,000 kilometers away.  Mars was named after the Roman god of war and the moons were named after Mars’ Greek equivalent, Ares’ two sons Phobos and Deimos, Phobos meaning fear and Deimos meaning dread.  Overall, a very dark and warlike mythology surrounds these neighbors.

Phobos is closer to its planet than any other known planetary moon.  Because its orbit is faster than Mars itself rotates, it rises in the west and sets in the east and it does so twice each day.  Phobos is less than 7 miles in diameter and from its surface Mars would appear to take up a quarter of the width of a celestial hemisphere, huge.

There was an interesting theory by a Russian scientist in the mid 50’s that Phobos was a hollow body.  More modern measurements show it to consist of 30% (+ or – 5%) voids, but these are of a very small size.  I get a kick out of pretending it has a large hollow interior and the implications that could mean for humans on earth.  Unfortunately, I think it would cause more fear (so an appropriate name) than wonder.

This picture from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has an incredible resolution of 7 meters per pixel.  Here is a link to this picture and explanation:


to hold opposites

visit this web-site It just seems to endlessly

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and forth,

review wave in, wave out,

https://www.cedarforestloghomes.com/enupikos/334 wave in, wave out.

Joyous abandoned

Intense focus on

whose disorder can

something to go ‘wrong’.

The feel of the air

as I descend into
the wash

getting cooler with
each step.

I can’t even find
that figure

in this pile of
shit that is my desk.

The smell of the

as I rush past
the planter,

slowing me down.


Sweet puppy
nuzzling my side

and wagging its
tail when I respond.

How am I going to
pay these bills?

The big orange moon

creeping over the
mountain peak.

The worry about
test results

and the fear that
may drive decisions

for barbaric

dresden bekanntschaften It wears away at
the soft and tender

site de rencontre maroc gratuit parts of me

and the salty sea
seeps from my eyes.

How to hold opposites?


A hug from my teddy
bear son.

Can i rest here an

No, duty and responsibility

Turn back and the
sand has all shifted.

A sip of silver
needles tea.

The phone rings and
my stomach turns.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Hear the wind

the lizard claw on
the glass,

the refrigerator

THAT voice in my

My mind moving like
the ocean’s edge


to hold opposites,

when my soul already

real or reflection?

Comment on water your soul

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water your soul

A gift of living in the desert is this sense of the ultra importance of water.  It sets up a constant craving for water and a sublime appreciation for it.   Just returned from the beach, gifting myself for my birthday with a big dose of water for my soul.


Not only did I walk in water, float in water, listen to the sounds as if it were the most magnificent symphony, watch it because it is an astute teacher, I drank about a gallon a day.  I slept outside so that I could hear and sense it all the night and on the second night saw something I had never seen before.  The moon was so bright it seemed like dawn or dusk for most of the night.  While watching the few very bright lights that we could see, we noticed such strange and unusual behavior that at first we thought it might be a UFO.   The point of light would drift slowly then pop off in a direction…hmmm…. But then I saw the moon light up an airplane vapor, noticed these vague wisps of light, like Indras net, water vapor waving in coherency with the ocean below, creating the optical illusion that the star was actually bobbing around in water too.

The patterns that water makes are fractals that are repeated over and over in nature.  The ripple in the sand and the reflection of light in the changing tides looks like spinal columns, tree roots, spider webs, mineral veins in rock…

The other striking feeling is this connection to vastness, somewhat like pondering the night sky, but more intimate, more tangible because it is so much closer.  These waters in the Sea of Cortez are one with Pacific Ocean and all the land edges that it touches, with the Arctic and Antarctica Oceans and their frozen lands, and even up the rivers reaching up onto the earth in another fractal patterns echoing the great coherency of water.  Water on earth seems to have no boundaries and Knows its connection to all other water in some way, be it liquid or vapor.  Does my water Know its connection to all the other water?  Is water conscious or possibly consciousness?  Without water we are just dust and minerals with a little carbon mixed in to glue it all together.

I remember studying chemistry and learning how godly the water molecule is.  It totally embodies the duality of our universe having a positive and negative aspect within its whole structure.  And the life that exists on this planet is nothing more than various shapes and configurations of bags of water, water gone up on the dry land to explore and experience.  And Curiosity on Mars looks for signs of water that would be necessary for life as we know it there. 

I am so grateful to the ocean and the waves.  By their constant motion, my brain has some movement to hang on to and a deep silence can permeate this organic being that I am and I can experience coherency with the water of this planet.


wings and prayers

It is the nature of
this planet and this universe, I guess, constant cycling.  Around and around the planets go through the
dark and the light of their chosen star. 
So why do I fell something is wrong and has to be FIXED when I am low, I
can’t see the beauty, I seem incapable of appreciation?


This scene came
into view as I asked myself the above question, for the thousandth time, by-the-way.  What blocks the light, the appreciation?  In this scene, it is the sahuaro blocking the
RISING sun.  The giant entity that I relate to
most intimately ‘out here’, in my refuge, my hermitage.  Does my most intimate layer block the
light?  What exactly IS my most intimate
layer?  Will I ever know it?


But out there in
the distance is this brilliant white trajectory UP.  Yep, that’s me, caught in an idealistic
dream, out in the distance thinking things up that can never really happen.  Setting myself up for disappointment and it feels like
being caught in twisted clothing.  It is
too automatic.  How can I be here now?  This wrestling- or cycling is a more gently
way of thinking of it-between an ideal vision in the future and presence here and


Then, I find butterfly
wings.  The body is gone; food and
sustenance for other godly creatures. 
What is left behind is the part that lifted the bug part up in the air,
high in the sky, to a higher vision that surely seems more ideal.  The part that is the most beautiful left
behind to linger here a bit longer.  My
wings, my vision, what gives me distance to see what is here and now in a different
way.  It all seems very congruent with
what I feel right now.


Then,  the dogs find this grasshopper literally ON
ITS LAST LEG.  Yes, that is how I feel….hmmmm…last
leg as in dying soon?  Or last leg as in
an event/race?  Change is eminent but
will there BE something after now?  So…be
here now fully in this last leg, because who know what tomorrow may bring.


When I come around to this
way, it feels like a heart knowing that relaxes even my hyperactive brain and
allows me some distance to be here now, and not be trying to fix something that
doesn’t really need fixing.  It is just ‘night’…and I thank the three little images/prayers.