Comment on Morning Gift

This post is really touching. It reminds me of spending at least hour trying to see the bottom of mushrooms without disturbing them and so many hours of tea with my most treasured friends. It ‘almost’ makes me miss the desert and I most certainly miss exploring with you. ♥

Morning Gift

Deep in my desert canyon

Subtly slipping into my peripheral vision,

Leave-me-breathless blue

That fades into my grandmother’s
favorite purple.

It sprawls like a Sunday nap

Adorning half a dozen plain grey shrubs

With the glory of a morning

That hints at fall and the fading of the
summer heat.


It draws me close in to see its darker

The vines twisting and winding and binding,

Reminiscent of my gut when I am feeling


I pluck a piece, craving to have tea

With this enigmatic hopeless beauty.

By the time I am able

To quench our thirsts

The blooms have retracted

Into the color of heaven and an exquisitely
feminine vortex,

A reflection of the menopausal woman

That I am now.

                             ….there i am, little white figure, down in the vortex….